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3 simple ways to speed up recovery during high-intensity workout routines

So you’re going hard, getting those workouts in like a champ, but you’re just not feeling right. And as the week progresses you’re finding it harder and harder to get going as your body is feeling creakier and creakier every day.

Have you ever been there? There are solutions to these issues, solutions that enable quick recovery so that you can feel ready to ROCK the next day.

1. Take cold showers.

Navy Seals use this logic in their BUDS program, which is one of the highest intensity training programs in existence. The idea behind this is that cold water exposure flushes lactic acid from the body and keeps inflammation at a minimum.

This is also the reason behind those ice baths and Cryo chambers that NFL and NBA players use. Are such extreme methods recommendable to the average or even extreme athlete? Not necessarily. In fact, there are health risks to taking things to such extremes unless direct medical supervision is at hand as is available to pro athletes. However, spending a few minutes under cold temperatures while showering can be very beneficial.

I will give this warning, though. Be smart about how you do this. I have given myself a fever before after going from a cold shower to the outdoors in the cold (not my wisest decision), but the recovery benefits are undeniable. I recommend that you finish your showers with warm water to avoid these types of embarrassing setbacks.

2. Make vegetable-loaded smoothies daily.

Flood your system with a variety of vegetables and some fruits as well so that your body has something to pull from in its effort to recover. Load up a whole blender and drink it throughout the day; why limit yourself to just a morning dose? Just make sure to keep it cold, so it stays fresh.

A rule of thumb to keep in mind is that fruit is considered to be nature’s candy. Fruits are more often than not, loaded with natural sugars, so you don’t need a ton of fruit. Instead, load up on things such as carrots, kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and other veggies so that you can rejuvenate ASAP!

To balance the oxalates found in green vegetables, it is recommended that you consume 1 oz of apple cider vinegar daily by either taking a shot or diluting it with water. Drink a cup of pure water and swish some of it around in your mouth and spit out or swallow after consumption of apple cider vinegar, (due to its extremely high acidity, it is best to wash it down into the stomach where it is useful).

Apple cider vinegar also has many health benefits of its own. Many people take it for stomach regulation.

3. Warm up and stretch, in that order.

Don’t forget the basics. I know first hand the temptation of skipping the warm-up, and stretch portion of a workout. Why do that when you can save yourself 10 minutes right off the bat right?

The truth is, your body will thank you for taking the time to warm up, and then stretch.  Doing so helps the body to prepare for the workout ahead. And why warm up before stretching? Because the body becomes more elastic after you warm it up. If you stretch before you’re warm, you may injure yourself.

Try these tips and enjoy your training! However intense it may be.