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Beachbody On Demand subscription is worth every penny

Most people who set out to change their lives and get fit are already set up for success before they even start.

Why? because most people have a pretty decent gym nearby, a few dumbells lying around the house, a little space in the house or apartment to work out in, and maybe even a workout buddy or two for motivation.

But if the resources are there, why do so many people, upon attempting to get in shape, end up with such mediocre results?

Because the one thing that they lack is structure.

Someone can have all of the time, drive, motivation, and resources in the world — but if they lack structure, a routine, they will end up like most people… disappointed

If you want to rise above that crowd, to stretch your physical capabilities, and to be the confident person you were made to be, invest your time doing what works.

Buy a Beachbody On-Demand subscription.

A Beachbody subscription gives you unlimited access to every Beach Body Program. Want to be slim and cut? With the cardio and endurance of an elite athlete? Do one of the Insanity programs. Want to bulk up like never before? Body Beast will get you there. Or just maybe you want the shredded physique of a cinema superstar while adding flexibility and athleticism? Give one of the P90X programs a try.

There are programs designed for all types of fitness goals — and all sorts of time limitations, too. A typical Beachbody routine consists of 5-6 workouts a week, but some programs limit those workouts to ten-minutes of maximization while others contain workouts as long as 90 minutes for those who can afford to spare that amount of time.

There is a program for everyone with Beachbody.

Between the Yoga, weightlifting, partner fitness, dance routines, calorie burners, and core routines there are over 50 unique programs available to subscribers. And the best part? There are always more on the way.

Every time a new program is created, it is uploaded straight to the site, where users can simply log in and get started with it.

The beauty of having a subscription to Beachbody is that there is enough material on the site to keep a person fit for an entire lifetime.

While each program can indeed be bought individually at a price ranging from around $50.00-$90.00 — getting the $99.00 yearlong subscription allows a person to continually shoot for new goals upon completion of every program while saving a ton of money in the process.

Muscle confusion is the premise of Beachbody, and they do it better than anyone on the market.

Muscle confusion involves confusing the body by regularly introducing new exercises so that one is forced to build the necessary endurance to get through them. When new exercises are thrown into the mix, the body has to adapt to survive. And the result of that? Well, let’s just say that you start to look really… really good.

Many of the 30 to 90-day programs they offer already introduce muscle confusion to the max. But having a subscription allows one to easily transition, for example, from Insanity to P90x, or vice versa, upon their completion, taking the process of muscle confusion to the next level along with the results.

Throw in some core work with the Core De Force program, work on flexibility with the 3 Week Yoga Retreat routine if you’re feeling a little sore — maybe kick it into high gear with Insanity if you’re up to it; why not, right? It’s all at your disposal with this life-altering subscription.

They have also created several different versions of some of their most popular programs. Upon completion of Insanity, for example, one can easily transition into Insanity ‘The Asylum’ or the time-saving Max 30. Likewise, upon completion of P90x, there is a P90x 2 and 3.

Getting a Beach Body On-Demand subscription opens up the doors to having a lifetime of fitness, and confidence.

You are not alone. 

Another perk to having the subscription is that it comes with support from BeachBody experts, some of which are the trainers themselves. If you have a question, you easily can submit it and they will answer it for you. You may be wondering how to best perform an exercise or how to get the most out of your diet; any questions you have pertaining to your fitness journey with Beachbody can be answered. So don’t worry; you will not be alone on this life-changing journey.

Are you ready for change?

Imagine being able to go on that hike you’ve always wanted to be able to go on or being able to go for a run or a jog without getting completely winded. Maybe your dream is to simply be able to go out in public without feeling that nagging sense of self-loathing.

Life’s possibilities open wide when you make the changes you need to make to feel better about yourself. People who work out increase both their life expectancy and their quality of life. The mental and physical benefits of exercise are priceless.

So do you want to go beyond the norm and into the extreme? The programs are difficult. They will test you, and they will try your resolve as it has never been tried before. But you have what it takes. Take it just one day at a time, and before you know it, you won’t recognize yourself when you look in the mirror.

If you fight hard, you will never look the same again. Are you ready?