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Bumblebee movie will stand the test of time as one of the greats

Bumblebee wasn’t just good, it was great, and it will be remembered that way.

When people think back on some of the greatest movies of all time, Bumblebee will absolutely be in that conversation. Why? Because it was bliss from start to finish — as close as a movie comes to perfection.

The movie got a rotten tomatoes score of 93% — it deserved it. It was a new, creative movie with a cool, classic feel: call it a modern classic. It honestly felt like the best Christmas gift a 90’s kid could get.

The storyline of a girl, Charlie (played by Hailee Steinfeld), struggling to overcome the tragic loss of her father, bonded you to her immediately. It was clear she was struggling and trying to move forward in life, but it just wasn’t easy for her.

Then came Bumblebee.

The story is reminiscent of movies such as ET or Lassie, in a sense, as this extraterrestrial bonded with her and became a great companion.

But it was so much more than that.

The storyline was peppered with perfectly tasteful humor where it was called for (courtesy mostly of John Cena), and seriousness when it needed seriousness. It was just right.

And though the Autobot/Decepticon “cast” (robots) was limited, Travis Knight’s tasteful approach in this movie proved that sometimes less is more; you don’t need big and crazy as much as you need a good storyline with well-developed characters.

He understood that.

He was also clearly playing to the strengths of his actors, something that reminded me of director Wes Ball of The Maze Runner movies. No matter the case, his methods worked.

And speaking of the cast — wowzers! There was not a weak actor among the whole group! Bumblebee casting director, Denise Chamain, could not have done a better job. Everyone who had screen time was believable and incredible.

There are Oscar-worthy moments peppered throughout this film, and it would not be surprising if it took some home come February. If you haven’t seen this movie, definitely go out and enjoy it, because this is a rare treat.