UFC Fighter Polyana Viana takes down man who tried to rob her

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Female UFC fighter Polyana Viana refused to be disrespected and took down a man who tried to rob her

Per MMA Junkie, Polyana Viana, a strawweight fighter in the UFC, was waiting for an Uber on Saturday night outside of her apartment building in Jacarepagua, Brazil, when she noticed a man nearby.

When he realized he had been spotted, he sat next to her and asked her for the time, which she told him. But when she moved to put her phone back in her pocket, he told her that he was armed and to give him the phone.

She noticed, however, that the supposed gun he was clutching was soft, so she didn’t buy the story. Either way, she was willing to bet he was empty-handed, and instead of handing him the phone, she handed him a lesson in respect.

“He was really close to me,” she told MMA Junkie. “So I thought, ‘If it’s a gun, he won’t have time to draw it.’ So I stood up. I threw two punches and a kick. He fell, then I caught him in a rear-naked choke. Then I sat him down in the same place we were before and said, ‘Now we’ll wait for the police.”

In the photo above from UFC president, Dana White, you can see the damage she inflicted on the would-be bandit.

This is just another instance in a long and growing list of scenarios where women have used martial arts to absolutely dominate an assailant, and the Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rear naked choke was the fight-finisher.

Let this be a lesson to the world that women are to be respected and revered.



Ryan Mekkes is the editor and founder of Commyounicate Magazine. He is an avid martial artist, a musician, and a fitness enthusiast, certified through ACE as a personal trainer.