Travelers on Netflix deserves a 4th season #RenewTravelers

Travelers. Courtesy, Netflix

Travelers season 3 aired on Netflix on December 14. The show has now been canceled, but it could still be saved. Here’s how. #RenewTravelers #SaveTravelers

Travelers is one of the best shows Netflix has ever produced. And for it to be over after its 3rd season would just be sad. It’s time to tell Netflix we want a 4th season. Here’s how we can get it done.

#RenewTravelers #SaveTravelers

Fans of the show, like myself, know that this is the only show of its kind. A drama/thriller/actioner/deep-thought-provoker that explores the depths of the future and meshes it with the present in a completely awesome and non-corny fashion — how is that even possible? Travelers did it.

They did it by wisely exploring the depths of time travel and its relation to AI while mixing in dynamic and lovable characters.

Where else are you going to see a show with a character like ancient Trevor in a young man’s body? Or Philip, the historian, seeing through multiple futuristic outcomes that change based on how people act in the present?

The combat is also next-level. Seeing Marcy, for instance, kicking the living daylights out of her would-be attackers outside of the library and seeing Carly handle Jeff without breaking a sweat — it’s sheer awesomeness.

Also, every single actor on the show is flawless. I can honestly say that I cannot think of a single bad acting moment in the entire three seasons of the show. It’s just flawless.

Combine that with the writing and the beautiful cinematography and we’ve got ourselves a once in a lifetime treasure of a show. Travelers explores the depths of humanity —  the past, the present, and the future; and we need more of it.

Let the writers write and let’s get Travelers season 4 going.

If you’re reading this, we’re probably on the same page, so let’s talk about how to get some momentum going for a Travelers season 4.

1. Get loud. If you want it, just ask. Netflix will supply if there is demand. So Tweet about it, Instagram about it, Facebook about it, talk about it often with the hashtags #RenewTravelers and #SaveTravelers @netflix and watch what happens.

2. Retweet and social media share. You know the drill — if you see a fellow fan tweet about it, comment and retweet them. Some Tweets will take off farther than others; the only thing that matters is that the voices at Netflix hear us. And if they don’t, other networks will. It may be that somebody else will save the show.

3. Use the Netflix Content Request form. At this link, you’ll find a content request form where you can directly ask Netflix to renew Travelers (or any show for that matter). This is one way to get straight to the point and ensure they hear you.

4. If you are a journalist, get to writing. We’re going to need a strong push to get this topic trending. Freelance writers will be very useful to get the word out. And if you aren’t a writer but know someone who is, feel free to ask them to say something. This is what it’s going to take.

5. Make time to watch the prior seasons in their entirety. Something else I mentioned on FanSided’s Hidden Remote is that, if you are a fan of the show and simply haven’t had the time to watch season 3 — as it came out around the craziness of the Holidays, on December 14 — go ahead and watch it so that Netflix has the correct data on how many Travelers fans are out there. Netflix uses viewer data to determine whether or not a show has enough views to justify a renewal.

Let’s get #RenewTravelers and #SaveTravelers trending and watch what happens.

We have seen shows such as Brooklyn 99, Designated Survivor, and many others saved in recent days — many by Netflix itself — after social media calls for renewal. Let’s not forget that Travelers star Erick McCormack recently spoke to this in response to a tweet from a fan. He’s ready for another season, so let’s do this thing.

Tweet #RenewTravelers and #SaveTravelers @netflix and let’s get rolling! Ready, set, go! 


Note: You can read my response to Erick McCormack’s cancellation video on FanSided’s Hidden Remote at this link. The short version? This ain’t over yet. 🙂



Ryan Mekkes is the editor and founder of Commyounicate Magazine. He is an avid martial artist, a musician, and a fitness enthusiast, certified through ACE as a personal trainer.