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Runner chokes mountain lion to death after being attacked

A man was recently faced with a kill-or-be-killed scenario when attacked by a Mountain Lion in Colorado.

He killed. 

On February 4th, an unaccompanied man was running on a trail by Fort Collins, Colorado, when he was suddenly thrust into a scary fight with an unwelcomed stalker.

A young 80 pound Mountain Lion had been following him while he ran.

When the man turned, upon hearing a noise, the mountain lion attacked him, biting the runner’s wrist and face. But he wasn’t about to go down without a fight.

The man went into full fight mode and ended up choking out the lion with his bare hands. Per CNN, “A necropsy confirmed the animal was suffocated, officials said Tuesday.”

The man is now in the hospital recovering.

Fatal Mountain Lion attacks are extremely rare, but the general professional consensus is that running away from the predators is a bad idea, as it paints you as a target.

Slow movements and making yourself seem as big as possible is the normal way to get out of these scenarios.

This man, however, did not have an alternative other than to fight, and he did what he had to do. Well done, sir. Well done.