Will Disney be able to uphold the bar that Netflix set with Marvel shows?

Marvel's The Punisher. Photo credit, Cara Howe/Netflix. Courtesy, Netflix.

Netflix created a universe of Marvel shows, particularly with The Punisher, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones, that surpassed anything we’ve ever seen before. Will Disney be able to keep up now they are in the driver’s seat of Marvel?

I’ll admit it, I’m a little butt hurt about the whole Disney/Marvel merger. It just puts an end to a lot of great things, in my opinion — none of which surpass the loss of Netflix’s kicktail Marvel shows.

Netflix was acing the exam. They were truly hitting on all cylinders with their Marvel shows. I love them because they did what no studio has ever successfully done before — they made them dark.

But with Disney now in charge, I’m concerned as to the direction Marvel is headed. Not hopeless, but I am definitely pausing.

Disney’s Marvel brainchild is The Avenger franchise. The Avengers are fun movies, but they are action comedies. They are designed for a young and broad audience. I’ll go to see them every time they hit theaters, yes, but they are designed for a fun viewing experience.

These Marvel Netflix shows, though? It’s a different story with them.

Sometimes… I just want some Christopher Nolan-style A** kicking. Netflix did that with Daredevil, The Punisher, and Jessica Jones. Those shows are absolute fire.

And though Disney is a massive studio, I really think they are the ones who need to learn from Netflix in this instance. I’ve argued before on a site I contribute for called Hidden Remote that it takes risk to create a dark vigilante show.

When you have grown men and women running around in spandex trying to save people, it is much easier to just make light of it. It takes the pressure off.

But Netflix took the risk and dove deep into character-building and went dark with their shows, and it worked. I’m not ready to see these shows and the genius behind them evaporate.

I am really hoping that Disney will read Netflix’s playbook and retain the awesome universe they built. Why stomp out a good thing? Why re-create it? Let it be.

The bar has been raised now. This is not the Disney show anymore — Netflix gets the credit for creating this universe. So hopefully the execs at Disney let the original showrunners remain in charge of these shows should the talk of their respective renewals turn out to be more than chatter.

So if they get renewed, when will we see these shows on Disney+ streaming? There is around a two-year contract clause blocking the characters from moving over to Disney right now. So we will have our answers soon enough. But for now, hold tight.

I believe in you, Disney. Just keep this good thing going!




Ryan Mekkes is the editor and founder of Commyounicate Magazine. He is an avid martial artist, a musician, and a fitness enthusiast, certified through ACE as a personal trainer.