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What if studios theater-released movies with different rating options?

In the time of trying to appease broad audiences, would it be such a stretch for studios to multiple-release movies in separate rating categories?

Movie studios are constantly trying to tote that fine line between PG-13 and R-rated films. And it’s such a hard thing to do well. I’m beginning to wonder if releasing movies in multiple ratings is the answer to the problem.

Think about it for a second: what if movies like Star Wars or the Avengers had kid-centered versions of their movies aaaaand adult-centered versions as well? It just might eliminate the awkwardness of having to play down violent moments and play up more tranquil ones.

Yes, I’m talking about a scenario where you show up to the movie theater, choose the movie, and then choose the rating you want to see it in.

A dual-rating system also shouldn’t cost too much more than the original budget — if the actors and stunt actors are up to the challenge.

For some scenes, such as intense combat scenes, it would require rolling the pg-13 cut and then re-upping and doing the R-rated one right after. It would be a rapid-succession project.

And yes, it would require extra CGI work as well, but the end result would be well worth the effort.

A two-rating system would allow studios to show off their range better and to possibly make more money in the long run. Directors would be able to stay true to themselves and not dance around the rating game.

It could solve all sorts of problems, and I think it’s time Hollywood gives it a shot.