Interview: Omar Mora talks new comic book Unearthians, SDCC

Exclusive: Omar Mora talks taking the journey from acting into comic book creation.

Longtime actor Omar Mora recently talked to Commyounicate about his new project, a comic book called Unearthians. Mora has an extreme talent for artistry and storytelling, and comic books turned out to be the perfect outlet for his screenplays.

Here’s what he had to say to us about Unearthians and the journey toward comic book creation.

Commyounicate: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. Could you tell me a little bit about your journey toward writing comics? And could you tell me a little bit about when you realized you have a gift for artistry and storytelling? 

Omar Mora: Yeah, so I have always loved storytelling. And there’s different ways of telling a story. One of my biggest passions was acting — telling stories through acting. And I always wanted to get into writing, but I did acting first. It wasn’t until 2012 that I started writing. And I loved it because I had so many stories on my mind. So I just started writing; I went to a lot of workshops and independent classes here in LA. I started by writing screenplays, but since I love comic books, I decided to start writing comics. So this (Unearthians) is my first comic.

Commyouncate: Wow, that’s so cool! Yeah, I was really impressed with the story in Unearthians. I hope that somebody does take this and turn it into a movie at some point, kind of like The Walking Dead because it was a really sweet idea. 

Omar Mora: I actually also wrote the screenplay for Unearthians. I’m a producer and I have a production company, so I’m always thinking about how to tell stories through different mediums. I love comic books and I love films on tv, so I ended up writing both the comic and the screenplay, with the hopes of making it into a film or a TV series.

Commyounicate: I hope you do! Have you made any progress down that path at this point? 

Omar Mora: This is actually the first step to getting this story out there. I’m kind of starting out in the sense that I’m new to the comic book industry. But hopefully, interest for the story grows and the film industry takes notice.

Commyounicate: I hope so. I don’t know if you’ve seen The Passage on Fox, but it reminded me a little bit of that in some ways. 

Omar Mora: I love the mixing of genres, and Unearthians has that: the supernatural, vampires, extraterrestrials — and going back to the Dracula era then coming back to the future — I loved mixing all those elements in one story.

Commyounicate: Yeah, it’s really cool. So I hear you’re slated to appear at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). Are you excited about that? 

Omar Mora: Yeah man, I always go to San Diego Comic-Con as a fan. But this is the first time. But this is the first time I’m gonna be on the other side. I’ll have a panel with a bunch of awesome people. Rylan Grant was the one who invited me, and I admire his writing. He’s so clever — such a great writer. When he invited me, I was so excited. So I’m more than pumped, for sure.

Unearthians, a 12-issue comic book series, is out now on and It is also available at comic book stores such as Golden Apple Comics and Legacy Comics in Los Angeles.




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