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The Browns will thrive behind Freddie Kitchens for this one, simple reason

This is the reason Freddie Kitchens will succeed in leading the Browns this season. 

The Browns’ new head coach, Freddie Kitchens, has had a decorated career, but it is his leadership style that will drive that locker room to a winning season in 2019.

Watch the video below and find the hidden gem that every good employer needs to know.

“I want all you guys to know how much we appreciate ya’ll,” he says to the team after a preseason victory against the Lions on Thursday night, before continuing on with his speech.

And that is the secret to happy employees, ladies, and gentlemen: Appreciation.

If employees know that their bosses appreciate them, they will, in general, go to incredible lengths to make sure their work is satisfactory. It is a circle of productivity. And that is Kitchens’ leadership style with the Browns.

This speech was not an isolated incident for the Browns’ new head coach, either. Per, Kitchens had no problem welcoming the media-embattled receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. into the team with open arms — literally.

When speaking to the press over the offseason, Kitchens gave this account of their first meeting:

“Gave him a hug … He said he loved me. It was like a love story (laughs).”

And continuing, he summed up his leadership style with his next words: “The better you can make the locker room — that does not have to be a Kumbaya session, I am not talking about that — but it has to be with people that you trust and respect. You become loyal to them. When you look back after retirement, that is what you are going to miss. That is what we are trying to create here because the quicker that happens, the better off we are all going to be.”

He is creating a culture of loyalty and appreciation. If you give that to people who work for you, they’ll go the extra mile every time. Listen to how the coach speaks of his team in this August 29 press conference. The respect he has for his players is unbelievable.

Now that’s a good coach. I predict the stacked Browns will go to the playoffs behind Kitchens’ leadership this year.

The Cleveland Browns take on the Tennessee Titans at 1 pm EST on Sunday, September 8. Tune in and see what the revamped team can do!