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Bill Hader’s method for managing crippling anxiety is pure gold

SNL alum Bill Hader recently opened up about how he manages his battle with anxiety. His words are pure gold.

In a recent vlog recorded for Child Mind Institute, Bill Hader shared what he would tell his younger self about how to deal with anxiety. And he really had some extremely wise and caring words to say.

Anyone who deals with anxiety will relate to the struggles Hader speaks to in this powerful video. Struggles of not knowing if you have what it takes for any challenge life comes up with, struggles of striving for perfection, and struggles of worrying what others think.

Above, Bill Hader shares his secret to dealing with anxiety — and it is the only thing, coincidentally, that has worked for me throughout my own struggles.

Hader is completely correct: Trying to push away the strong emotion that is anxiety only empowers it. Sometimes you just have to acknowledge its presence and coexist with it.

No, it’s not always easy, but the best way to deal with it is to be calm in its presence.

Eventually, it becomes weakened when the thought of it being there no longer insights fear. Funny how it works. Anxiety truly is the fear of fear. It is an illusion.

Common sense is its mortal enemy.

Bill Hader nailed it. He truly is a kind soul. Do not struggle alone!