Gemini Man pushes the pace with cutting edge creativity

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Wow. Gemini man is good. Really good. Here’s my reaction after watching Will Smith’s latest movie. 

Gemini Man lives up to the hype and far beyond. After watching the movie, I’m in awe at the sheer creativity portrayed in this movie helmed by Ang Lee.

I’ve always wanted someone to do an action movie differently. I wanted someone to take a look at how movies in this genre are made, take notice that there’s a lack of nuance, and do it differently.

I wanted someone to realize — we’ve been doing it this way for ten years; maybe we should try some new stuff out? 

Maybe we shouldn’t have the same sequences? Maybe the fighting shouldn’t all look the same?

Gemini Man was the answer to the problem.

The scenes were incredible. The cinematography was just outstanding. There were parts of this movie that left you wondering….. how? It really hit the mark.

Will Smith as a double threat was cool enough — add the insane camera work and you have magic. There are camera angles in this movie that I’ve never seen used before in my entire life.

Is motion capture technology at 100% yet? No. But it wasn’t distracting enough to detract from the storyline.

And speaking of the storyline — wow. Great writing and great dialogue, all delivered by incredible actors throughout the entire movie.

Check out the video below to see how Will Smith made his transformation.

Bottom line: Gemini Man is a creative and awesome movie that deserves recognition.



Ryan Mekkes is the editor and founder of Commyounicate Magazine. He is an avid martial artist, a musician, and a fitness enthusiast, certified through ACE as a personal trainer.