Hotel creates pillow ‘fight club’ with old recycled pillows

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Per the Good News Network, Fight Club pillow fighting has been born. 

It’s the sports we didn’t ask for, but one we desperately needed: pillow fighting. People in the UK are having all the fun as Premier Inn found a creative way to use their old, recycled pillows.

The hotel chain wasn’t willing to let them go to waste when there are wars to be fought. So they organized pillow fights in several of their locations in the UK, where rules govern the matches and points can be awarded for hitting your opponent.

See the carnage below.

“Pillow fights are one of the few childhood ‘sports’ people can take through to adulthood and still be good at,” said Sarah Simpson, Premier Inn’s head of product.

“We thought Pillow Fight Club would be the perfect way to use leftover pillows before they are recycled as a way to bring families together to have some fun. With the launch of our new pillow in hotels and available to purchase online it seemed like the perfect time to open up the club to the public.”

Oh, it was.

Pitting families against one another; parents humiliation punk @$$ teens; this is the best idea anyone has had for a long time.

Maybe Democrats and Republicans can use this to solve their differences? Maybe the presidential election should be decided this way?

The opportunities are endless.



Ryan Mekkes is the editor and founder of Commyounicate Magazine. He is an avid martial artist, a musician, and a fitness enthusiast, certified through ACE as a personal trainer.