Remembering that time a man started a dance party at Sasquatch fest

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Sasquatch music festival 2009 is forever in our memory because of this guy. 

My uncle, who passed away a few years ago, used to play the video above at leadership conferences. He was a good man who loved people, and he saw something special in the moment displayed in this video. So I thought I’d share it here.

A really cool moment happened at the 2009 Sasquatch music festival as singer Santogold was playing her song “Unstoppable.” A man started dancing without giving a rip what anyone thought of him. He was having a fun time, and he decided to get to dancing.

Thankfully, it was caught on camera, as another man joined him shortly after. Then, another. Very quickly, the whole scene gets crazy, as everyone in his midst joined in. People literally started sprinting toward the group to get in on it.

Watch above and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 

There is so much to learn from this. First, leaders walk to the beat of their own drum. They do as they do, and the people around them can either join them or decide not to. A leader does not determine how he or she proceeds based on every opinion thrown their way. They move based on their own convictions.

Second, this moment sort of empowers me, personally, to rethink why I live so timidly. Why am I so shy? Why do I hide so much from the world? I mean, really, what is the worst that can happen as a result of me living my life in a way to where my talents are displayed?

In short, if he can do it, I can too.

But the most important thing to learn, in my opinion, is that us people, at our core, want to connect with other people. More than we want to be right about a political view or moral stance, we want to accept and love each other. I truly believe that.

In the video above, you see people run to each other wanting to connect and be a part of something. They didn’t care about each other’s beliefs — they cared about having fun with one another.

That is a beautiful thing. That is real humanity.

Watch above and see for yourself!



Ryan Mekkes is the editor and founder of Commyounicate Magazine. He is an avid martial artist, a musician, and a fitness enthusiast, certified through ACE as a personal trainer.