Who was the interior designer who replaced Christina Anstead in a recent episode of Flip or Flop? Meet her exclusively in the interview below!

Interior designer Darcy Kempton recently appeared on HG TV’s Flip or Flop in relief of Christina Anstead. Anstead had to take some time off due to her pregnancy, and Darcy Kempton was Tarek El Moussa’s choice for a replacement.

Who is Darcy Kempton? An extremely talented interior designer with an unmatched eye for the job. We recently had the chance to catch up with Darcy Kempton and ask her about Flip or Flop, her artistic journey, and her unique process for turning houses into homes.

Here’s what she had to say!

Commyounicate Magazine Interviewer – Ellen Mekkes: Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with us! It means a lot. So how did you find your way to interior design? What initially drew you to that field?

Darcy Kempton: It was an art teacher I had in high school who encouraged me to do something in the arts. She had brought in an interior design student into the class to present, and it was just really intriguing to me. And also, my dad was always building something, remodeling and such.

CM: Oh cool. So you grew up around it.

Darcy Kempton: Yeah, I grew up around it and just had that artistic side.

CM: Awesome. So what was it like initially getting your business off the ground?

Darcy Kempton: It was a challenge. Like any business owner would tell you, the first few years are definitely the most challenging. But it’s exciting to be doing something that I really, really love and am passionate about. I’ve always kind of had an entrepreneurial gene. I had a paper route when I was younger. I also used to make hair scrunchies for the girls at school and sell them one for three or two for five. I was just always kind of creating my own path, I guess.

CM: That’s awesome. So I’m curious — when you first walk into a space, what does your thinking process look like as far as coming up with the design strategy?

Darcy Kempton: When I first walk into a space, there’s a couple things — I’m looking at the space; I’m also speaking with the client about the space and kind of learning from them some of their functional needs. But a lot of times, I don’t like to fight the architecture of the home. So it’s about embracing the architecture of the home; and in Southern California, it’s a lot about tying the indoors with the outdoors. But for the most part, I guess I just kind of get a feeling about what direction to go.

CM: So you have a natural eye. That’s really cool. Just looking at your work, I can tell you have a real talent for space composition and incorporating accent colors. How do you execute that so well? Just have a natural feel for it? Or do you have something that you base it off of? Like the environment, for example?

Darcy Kempton: When it comes to the colors and the accents, I kind of have a rule of thumb: I’m usually pulling inspiration from what I call, like, my “almighty inspiration piece.” And that’s either a piece of artwork, or a rug, or sometimes just a simple fabric. But it kind of pulls all those colors together, and then I use that to kind of just sprinkle throughout the home.

CM: Do you have a favorite type of space? Do you prefer kitchens over bathrooms or any specific architecture type?

Darcy Kempton: When it comes to rooms, I do love kitchen design and bathroom design. And I would say, in terms of style, I love mixing styles. So everything usually has kind of a clean, modern undertone but then mixed in with some unique elements. I like to bring in some vintage pieces to kind of mix it up. But yeah, I like to combine styles. I think that’s what makes it truly original and speaks to the homeowner.

CM: You were recently featured on HGTV’s Flip Or Flop. Would you mind sharing what your experience was like working on the show?

Darcy Kempton: Oh, so much fun. It was exciting. It was interesting to kind of be behind the scenes and to just kind of be a part in documenting that process. It definitely does take longer when you’re filming, but yeah. It was a great experience.

CM: How did it feel mixing your work atmosphere with a TV set? 

Darcy Kempton: It felt pretty natural, to be honest. I just kind of showed up and did my thing. And I guess I just kind of forgot the cameras were there.

CM: Okay. So what was your inspiration behind the design elements in the house? The beach house on Flip Or Flop?

Darcy Kempton: The inspiration came from just being in Newport Beach, wanting to appeal to that particular buyer that Tarek was after. And I do a lot of houses, so I kind of know what the market is looking for these days; I wanted to give them that modern Gucci vibe.

CM: Awesome. So just out of curiosity — is there a peak season for remodeling? Do people tend to remodel before the holidays? during? right before summer? or is it pretty consistent?

Darcy Kempton: It’s pretty consistent outside of summer. So right now is definitely busy. Everybody kind of ramps up in September, thinking about getting their house ready for the holidays. But pretty much whenever people are on summer vacation, it tends to slow down. Aside from that, it’s pretty consistent.

CM: I see. So, in closing, are there any words of advice you have for people out there who want to walk in your footsteps?

Darcy Kempton: Yeah, they can actually take my course, the Interior Designer’s Blueprint. It teaches you how to build a six-figure interior design business from scratch. That’s going to be launching at the very beginning of 2020, so definitely stay tuned for that. The link is InteriorDesignerBlueprint.com. It teaches everything I wish I had known when I started my business. And even if somebody has no training or schooling at all, they can take my Instant Dream Home course, which is more of a decorating and design course. And if they already have some schooling, or if they’ve taken the Instant Dream Home course and they want to learn how to start their own business, it really does walk you step by step on how to do that and how to be successful at that so you don’t have to try to figure everything out on your own as I did.

CM: That’s really cool! Well, thank you so much for taking the time! I really appreciate it.

Darcy Kempton: Thank you so much!

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