The Kominsky Method: Paul Reiser biggest Golden Globes snub?

Paul Reiser. Credit: Dmitry Bocharov

As we close in on the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 5, one thing is certain: Paul Reiser should have been nominated for his performance in Netflix’s The Kominsky Method. 

Paul Reiser has become commonplace on our TV screens over the last couple of years, appearing in Fosse/Verdon, Stranger Things, and season two of The Kominsky Method.

The actor/comedian is on a roll. And as Decider put it, his performance in The Kominsky Method was “some of the best work Reiser has ever done.”

Those sentiments are echoed by HITC, who have said, “It’s safe to say that Paul Reiser’s appearance in The Kominsky Method as a new character for season 2, Martin, has gone down well. … ”

MediaPost also had high praise for Resiser in an article titled, “The Reiser Method: Actor-Comedian Performs His Masterpiece.” The outlet reported his acting in one of his scenes “will stand by year’s end as one of the finest moments seen anywhere on television this year.”

Pictured: Paul Reiser in The Kominsky Method
Paul Reiser

We have to concur. His performance was indeed stellar. He fit in perfectly with the cast of the show.

Reiser recently shared the following with the NY Post, regarding The Kominsky Method: “This is my favorite type of comedy. It’s not going for jokes; it’s going for laughs, but they’re so swirled into all the other emotions. It’s an interesting experience to watch this show and to be taken in any direction at any given moment.”

It’s a blast. He definitely should have have been nominated for a Golden Globe award. Check out The Kominsky Method on Netflix today!



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