My name is Ryan Mekkes. I’m the editor and founder of Commyounicate.

The purpose of this blog is to promote harmony by learning more about life and the wonderful people we share this world with. (Also, to have a little fun along the way.)

Everyone is unique. Everyone has a custom personality, custom passions, and a special purpose. My heart’s desire is that people discover these treasures within themselves, realize the value they have, and “commyounicate” their message to the world.

I also want to bring people together through a greater understanding of each other. I believe that with understanding comes a greater sense of harmony. We live in a time that feels divided. But I believe that if we search hard enough for common ground, we will find it.

Step one in that process is listening.

So we do a few things here: we highlight people and their passions, we hear people out on their opinions and perspectives, we highlight positivity, and we celebrate the things that bind us together, no matter our views — entertainment and athletics.

Everyone has a story to tell, and Commyounicate is a place to tell it. If you have a story or an opinion you’d like to share from a unique perspective, or if you have a project you’d like for me to highlight, I’d love to hear about it!

You can reach out through the contact form below.

    Or, email me at ryan@commyounicate.net

    Enjoy the site and thank you so much for stopping by!

    -Ryan Mekkes


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