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Looking for a freelance writer?

I’d love to help.

I provide high-quality blog posts, articles, product reviews, and interview services for topics such as entertainment and pop culture, music, health/fitness, grappling, MMA, and anything you are passionate about.

During my career, I have had my work tweeted out by Sports Illustrated MMA and have had the privilege of interviewing celebrities such as the director of The Maze Runner trilogy, Wes Ball, Netflix star Hanna Jaff-Bosdet, Discovery star Tim Kennedy, and many others.

So if you need a freelance writer who can do interviews — no problem. Have an idea and need me to ask the right questions to get it on paper? I would love to help.

How can you benefit from my services? 

I’ll give you material engages readers, optimizes search engine results, and separates you from the pack through increased online visibility.

My desire is to carry your message to your target audience in a way that captures their attention and resonates with them on a personal level.

People want to know what’s different about what you offer; what sets it apart from the competition, and the answer is… you!

You are the heartbeat of your project; your ideas are what make it unique.

Let’s put your project on display and showcase why your brand is second to none.

Want to talk further? Click here and we can talk about your business. I’d love to hear from you.

In addition to my above-stated “primary niches” — entertainment and pop culture, music, health/fitness, grappling, and MMA — I am also an expert in the following topics:

  • Criminal Justice ( Earned a Bachelor of Science degree)
  • Small business
  • Financial investments
  • Customer service
  • Foodservice
  • Travel
  • Living abroad
  • Language learning
  • Cultural adaptation
  • Spanish/English translation /interpretation
  • Mental health
  • Martial arts and the benefits of the practice
  • Human rights
  • Civil rights
  • Human trafficking awareness
  • Fairtrade

If your specific writing needs fall outside of those parameters, feel free to contact me anyway. Maybe we can work something out.

Want to see my portfolio? You can click right here.  

Have any questions? Looking to collaborate? Click here. I’d love to hear from you.